Come On Eileen (Covid19)


Well it has to be said that this is a blog post I never thought I’d be writing. Bloody Coronavirus sneaking up on the World like a stealth ninja. In all seriousness though, we are literally heading into the unknown (feel free to sing in a Frozen 2 esque fashion) and I don’t think it would be lie to say that we are all feeling a little uncertain about what will happen.

Personally, there are a number of things playing on my mind; not least the fact that I live with 3 males, and the drama that ensues from ‘man flu’ (a common cold) is already a force to be reckoned with.

After old BJ’s latest press conference, we are now trying to work out how to move forward to protect our family as best we can. I have an autoimmune disease, J suffers with asthma and then of course we have our awesome little T with his complicated conditions, and baby Squidge… who is actually the healthiest of us all!

I think for me, the most concerning part of this current situation is the Governments approach to testing for the virus. They won’t actually swab you unless you are admitted to hospital with serious symptoms which require medical assistance. Which is all very well and good, but then we have absolutely no idea of accurate numbers of those infected. People are contacting 111 as advised, then just being told to self isolate. But how seriously is that instruction being taken? If you feel better after a few days, and have no confirmation of the virus, would you continue to isolate or just go about your business as normal? I appreciate that for many, Covid19 will not prove to be serious if contracted, however it really could be for people like T.

I haven’t panic bought. Although given that I have Crohns Disease, I actually probably should have tried a bit harder to get a few more loo rolls. I hope bloody Sharon and Trevor*** with their 6000 toilet rolls and 20598 bags of pasta get carb related constipation. That, is what you call Karma.

The Doctors surgery have assured me that we shouldn’t have any issues getting T’s medication, which is a relief.

In all honesty, we are fully preparing to batten down the hatches and disappear into a Riley Bunker.


From tomorrow we’re pulling T out of school. SATs or not, its not worth the risk to his health. I have no doubt that the school will be fully supportive of this decision.

I had my final foray out into the world today. Ventured to the land formally known as ASDA. Took Squidge with me, as he’s low risk… and also 7 months old, so I can’t really leave him at home with a kebab just yet. Now Squidge is a somewhat dramatic baby. This was given really, as I’m a drama teacher by trade and J is, well, J. Today as we mooched down the (barren) aisles, Mr Squidge decided he was a bit bored… and so developed a ‘fake cough’… which is what he likes to do when he wants a bit of attention. Under normal circumstances this is funny and cute, however, in the middle of a viral crisis where the main symptom is coughing, it was NOT. To make matters worse, he was clearly not content with the amount of attention he was gathering thus far, and so proceeded to increase the volume of said dramatic coughing. And then added on an extremely loud “AHHHHHH” before each cough to really amp up the theatrical value. Well. we certainly gathered attention. How the hell we didn’t get carried out by men in hazmat suits is beyond me. I am expecting an Oscar nomination for him any day now.

We have encouraged T to talk about whats going on. Its impossible to hide it from him. He seems to be feeling ok about it so far. We discussed what it was, and why it was causing so much disruption around the World. He told me that he’s worried people will die, so we discussed statistics and how we hope and pray all those we know and love will be safe. He also discussed it at his Art Therapy session today.

As you can imagine, it is also the talk of the playground. Someone from his class was absent one day last week… so OF COURSE she had Coronavirus. She was also removed from the ‘Y6 WhatsApp group’. 11 year olds are BRUTAL. They are also quite excited about the prospect of ‘no school’. T, not so much, as J overheard him talking to his friends the other day…

“Its alright for you if the school shuts, I bet you’ll get to play on games and stuff. My Mums a teacher, I’ve got NO CHANCE.”


On that note, I would like to send love to my amazing colleagues still working at school, and to those working in schools up and down the country. Now make sure you avoid non essential social interactions, but continue to work in a building with 1500 people. Makes perfect sense?!

To those posting on social media about not wanting to have your children home with you for 2 weeks, or however long this goes on for, I ask you to remember this:

Be thankful you are healthy enough to be home with them/have them home with you.

And, if you need wine, I shall have some ready. Just bring a big straw and I’ll have it waiting by the letterbox.

Sending love to all. Lets get through this.

The Rileys


p.s. no offence to any Sharons or Trevors intended.





3 thoughts on “Come On Eileen (Covid19)

  1. Hey lovely ones, hope you are all ok!! If you need any supplies dropping and running let me know!! Sending you all lots of love at this time xx


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