Carol Vorderman is my hero, but a fall can derail your day.

We sacked off home schooling today. Sorry to T’s teachers who will read this 😬

The day started well. Bit of Maths Factor (thank you Carol Vorderman you absolute Goddess and maths legend) and T completed a new topic. But, he then stood up and had a nasty fall in his room… which resulted in his gaming chair falling on top of him. He’s ok, it just gave him a fright.

He’s very unsteady at the minute, more so than normal. The long and short of the situation is, that he’s just not as mobile due to being isolated. This in turn effects his overall mobility. Now, we have been trying to counteract this as best we can. Every day, T and I alternate a different activity: Monday/Wednesday/Friday it’s Joe Bastard Wicks* (with adapted activities for T) and Tuesday/Thursday it’s Cosmic Kids Yoga. Believe me when I say, this is much harder than it sounds. Harry Potter nearly finished me off… and don’t even get me started on Moana Yoga. ‘Boat pose’ can kiss my ass. Weekends it’s football in the garden. But he can only manage a few minutes at most now.

I spoke to his lovely physio earlier this week, who reassured me that we’re doing all the right things. She gave me a couple of extra stretches to chuck in, which should help to strengthen his legs. She asked if he was wearing the arch supports in his shoes… I told her he hasn’t worn shoes for 6 weeks… alas.

On the whole, our lovely T has coped so well with isolation. He’s missing his friends and our extended family, but he smiles every day. He’s still been having his Art Therapy each week, just via phone. This has helped a lot. But, like all of us during this mental time, he has lots of uncertainty and worry. Also, he’s not been further than the garden for 6 weeks.

Schooling is an additional challenge, as I can’t give him the one to one support he’s used to due to our 8 month old wrecking ball (who is now mobile 😬) and who basically wants to eat everything like a rabid T-Rex. 🦖. J is crazy busy with work, and helps where he can, but he doesn’t have much time during the day. Still, we muddle on! T has produced some amazing work… and also some not so amazing work… but such is life. We’re doing maths every day (thank you Carol – my hero) and a literacy task of some form. After lunch, we aim for a creative or topic based task… it doesn’t always happen, but we try! That’s all any of us can do. T has days where he’s motivated and days where he is effectively a large rock. Gin is needed on those days. And then we have days like today…

After the ‘epic fall’ of 2020, I felt it was more important to take care of my dudes fragile heart today. So, we watched Disney+ (Ratatouille for those interested – not my choice, I wanted Pocahontas) and he played with his brother. Then we made chicken pie. T even managed to chop some of the ingredients, which is no easy feat for a guy with FA! So we did do some learning… just a different type. And I know his teachers would whole heatedly approve.

And tomorrow… well that is a new day. Carol ahoy!

And tonight… tonight is all about the wine.

Today 💙

*for the record I think Joe Wicks is doing a cracking job. But those workouts are HARD. And they are for CHILDREN! Man alive… I am unfit… imagine a walrus doing a lunge. Yep, that’s me.

One thought on “Carol Vorderman is my hero, but a fall can derail your day.

  1. Any form of learning matters, cooking is a great skill to add! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! Hope he has stopped being melodramatic ha ha. Hope you yourself are ok xx

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